21 february

Monolit complains about pressure exerted by authorities

The administration of the group of companies Monolit and Monolit Construct and representatives of the employees call on the National Confederation of Trade Unions and the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family to strop exerting pressure on the two companies.

Director of Monolit Construct SRL Petru Burduja, in a news conference at IPN, said that State Labor Inspectorate employees carried out 12 unplanned inspections at the company last December alone. Thirty inspections were performed at the company last year. Ten inspections were carried out at SA Monolit.

According to Petru Burduja, the State Labor Inspectorate over the last three months has ‘terrorized’ the group Monolit and its employees through numerous inspections that affect the companies’ image. The last inspection was carried out on February 19 and the inspectors didn’t provide plausible explanations for it.

The director of Monolit Construct said the number of inspections increased after operational and personnel changes were made at the company in 2012-2013, including at administrative level. “The changes generated dissatisfaction on the part of the construction trade union organization “Sindicons”, which is administered by Victor Talmaci, a former employee of SA Monolit, and by Tudor Rusu, who was also fired from the company. The two are related,” stated Petru Burduja.

He added that namely the former colleagues launched a campaign to terrorize the group through the agency of the Sate Labor Inspectorate.

Petru Burduja stated that the situation becomes alarming. The trade union organization defends the employees who are absent from work without reason and refuses to impose disciplinary punishment on them.