16 january

On wednesday, the President of Moldova Nicolae Timofti has promulgated the law on the state budget for 2014

The document was adopted by the Parliament in the final reading on December 23, 2013. The state budget revenues for 2014 were approved in the amount of 25 billion 814,8 million lei, expenditure - 28 billion 217,9 million lei. The budget deficit will make 2 billion 403 million lei and will be financed through the sale of state securities (430 million lei), sales and privatization of the state property (240 million lei), external loans (over 2.1 billion lei), etc. The draft Law on the state budget for 2014 was developed taking into account the projected next year's GDP growth of 4% - up to 106.1 billion lei, inflation of 4.7%, exports growth by 8.5% (up to $2 billion 550 million) and imports growth by 8% (up to $6 billion). The exchange rate of the national currency vs. U.S. dollar is forecasted at a rate of 13,06 lei for $1. Precisely such rate was taken into account when calculating budget revenue from export-import transactions, consular fees, external grants and treasury expenses for meeting the external obligations to international organizations, donors, diplomatic missions maintenance, etc