20 may

Call to MPs to adopt electoral gender quotas

Over 30 nongovernmental organizations called on the lawmakers to hasten the adoption of the legislation ensuring gender equality in elections and in politics. The relevant legislative changes were approved by the Government in mid-May, IPN reports.

The amendments stipulate a number of measures, including the introduction of a minimum women’s and men’s quota of 40% of the candidates for the posts of MP and member of the Government. They also ban sexist advertisements, guarantee the men’s right to paternal leave and additional protection. and envision penalties for violating the principle of gender equality.

The representatives of civil society say gender quality is an essential precondition for building a sustainable society. The women represent over 50% of the country’s population. It’s fair and necessary for the women to be represented in an equitable way at all the decision-making levels. Over 60% of the university graduates in Moldova are women. Consequently, the women’s intellectual potential is not fully used.

Ensuring gender equality is a commitment stipulated in the Association Agreement with the EU. The equality between women and men is also a commitment made by Moldova through the Millennium Development Goals, the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, the Government’s 2013-2014 program ”European Integration: Freedom, Democracy, Welfare”, and the Human Rights National Action Plan for 2011-2014.

The signatories of the call are: the Forum of Women’s Organizations of Moldova; the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Moldova: the Partnership for Development Center; the Women’s Political Club 50/50; East-Europe Foundation: the Legal Resources Center, and other organizations.