20 june

Coalition will not support motion against interior minister

Representatives of the government coalition said they will not support the simple motion against Minister of the Interior Dorin Recean, which was put forward by the Communist parliamentary group. Even so, many of the MPs of the parliamentary majority consider it is opportune to question the minister in Parliament, IPN reports.

Head of Parliament Igor Corman told the journalists that the debates will be useful because a number of serious crimes were committed lately. “It is in our interests to find out the opinion of the minister and information about the measures taken in our country to maintain public order,” he stated.

The head of the Liberal-Democratic parliamentary group Valeriu Strelet said the Communist opposition ‘does its job’, using any occasion to cause disputes inside the coalition. He assured that the parliamentary majority will continue to support both the Government and the ministers who form part of the Cabinet. The reforms implemented at the ministry meet with opposition. “Mister Recean fulfils his duties in accordance with the law. His contribution to reforming the ministry is important. Surely there are deficiencies, but we know that the minister is ready to overcome all the obstacles and to make sure that the reform is completed,” he stated.

Co-chairwoman of the Liberal Reformist Party Ana Gutu said the Liberal-Reformists will not support this motion. The crime situation in Moldova is worrisome, but this is not a reason for blaming one person only. “We must ask ourselves what is going on in society and what’s happening to people’s education,” she stated.

On June 19, the Communist parliamentary group submitted a simple motion against the minister, saying the crime situation in the country is alarming. According to the Communist MPs, over the last few years, the work of the Ministry of the Interior was compromised by destructive actions that led to the diminution of the police capacity to fulfill their duties. Next week, the Parliament’s Bureau will decide when the motion will be debated. A simple motion is adopted by a majority of votes.