14 march

Poland and Moldova share experience in elderly and youth social protection

Poland will share with Moldova its experience in the youth employment and the elderly social protection, announced Władyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Poland, at Chisinau meeting with Moldovan Prime Minister Iurie Leanca.

Parties discussed social projects, Moldovan reforms for improving people’s life implementation and possibility for Poland to provide a financial and logistical assistance in social protection sector.

Leanca thanked Polish authorities for their support of Moldovan European Integration course.

During the visit, the Polish minister met with his Moldovan colleague Valentina Buliga.

“Moldova and Poland face similar problems in social insurance field, that’s why Polish experience is very important to us. We are interested in implementing the best practices, in order to avoid social shocks, which Poland has had during the reform process”, said Buliga.

According to her, the Republic of Moldova major problems in the field of social protection is the reduction of tax payers number and the increase of the retirees number.

Władyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz told about Polish pensions system, as one of the most advanced in the region.

He mentioned that the Government of his country was forced to take radical measures to create corresponding funds, because Poland also has a difficult demographic situation.

The Minister warned Moldova from making the same mistakes as Poland and called for development of both state pensions system and private pension funds, which will alleviate load on the state budget.

As a result of the meetings Poland agreed to provide Moldova with a package of decisions and laws, which would serve a base for the Republic of Moldova social protection legislature reform.