20 february

Bullyng and desertion are the most frequently committed offenses in Moldova army

A total of 42 cases of desertion were registered in the Moldovan National Army in 2013 - the second largest number of offenses in the army after bullying.

The press service of the Prosecutor-General's Office has told Infotag that a total of 200 offenses were committed in the armed forces in 2013, which is 70 more than in 2012. Bullying was the most frequently committed offense with 61 cases reported last year.

A total of four servicemen died in the army in 2013, the prosecution said. It opened 101 criminal cases and sentenced 135 servicemen, the largest part of whom were soldiers.

The last case of desertion was registered on February 16, when four soldiers, conscripted last January, left the "Moldova" motorized infantry brigade in Balti. Two of them were detained within 24 hours in their native houses. Prosecutor Ion Dediu said that the youths will the most probably face only disciplinary sanctions since they have not yet been sworn in as soldiers.

A month ago, two Kalashnikov submachine guns were stolen from this very motorized infantry brigade in Balti.