13 may

National household census starts in Moldova

National Household and Population Census started in Moldova on Monday, May 12 and will last till May 25.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), almost 12 thousand census numerators will conduct citizen survey and household registration during the following two weeks.

About 120 apartments (houses) will account for each numerator. They will propose citizens to fill in the personal questionnaire on household and collective living area, People, temporary residing in Moldova, should fill in a special questionnaire of temporary residence.

The individual questionnaire, besides the personal data, citizens will be demanded to indicate their nationality, mother tongue, religion, education, earnings, profession.

It is expected that the questionnaires completing will take up to 40 minutes.

The census numerators will work from 8:00 till 20:00. If a citizen would not want to let them into the house, he may complete the questionnaire in his primaria [local executive authority] or at one of 57 Chisinau polling stations.

The NBS assures that the received information will be kept confidential.

The first, which is also the last household census, was conducted in independent Moldova in October 2004. Back then it covered 93.1% of population.

Initially, the new census was planned for 2013, but due to the lack of funds, it was postponed for a year. The census will cost 90 million lei, half of which is provided from the state budget and the rest – from external sources.