06 august

PGO to establish who is to blame for leaks to media

“The Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) will hold an inquiry into the dissemination by the media of telephone conversations of the head of the Youth and Sport Division of Gagauzia Anatolii Cara to determine who is to blame for the leaks to the media,” the head of the Prosecution Division of the Ministry of the Interior Viorel Morari said when asked by IPN to comment on those conversations from which results that Anatolii Cara was involved in acts aimed against state security.

Viorel Morari stated that he cannot make statements about the wiretaps involving Anatolii Cara as he can affect the inquiry. He only said that Anatolii Cara is not under investigation, but his home was searched within the criminal case concerning the referendum held in Gagauzia. Asked if Anatolii Cara was or wasn’t involved in subversive activities, Viorel Morari said he cannot provide such information, arguing the media disseminated already too many details about this case.

Asked about the foreign secret services that were allegedly furnished with information by Moldovan young people, who were convicted of endangering state security, the head of the PGO’s press service Maria Vieru said she is not entitled to give information as to which states these services belong to.

A number of media outlets in Moldova made public telephone conversations of the head of the Gagauz Youth and Sport Division Anatolii Cara, which show that he was involved in the subversive activities for which four young men were arrested at the end of June. Two of these men were put on probation for a five-year period, while the other two are yet to stand trial.