19 august

Moldovan women spend more time on the web than men

About 52% of Moldovan web users are women and more than a third of them surf the web on social networks. Moldovan women also spend more time on the Internet than men. The data was presented by a study conducted by Gemius, a company specialized in measuring online audiences, in partnership with the Audit Bureau of Circulations and the Internet (BATI), IPN reports.

The most popular social network in Moldova is odnoklassniki.md, and women users spend on average around 25 hours monthly on this site. Men mostly use the web to search for music, films, games, and 27% for e-mail. They spend on average about 18 hours per months surfing the web.

Thematically, women search for information about health, cosmetics, fitness and beauty, cooking recipes, clothing and footwear. Men are more interested in cars, electronics, sports, IT. News are the most popular type of information both among men and women.

Concerning experience in using the Internet, 30% of men and 23% of women said they have been using it for more than 5 years. Nonetheless, according to data from June 2014, women are more active online than men: 47% browse the web daily or almost daily, compared to 43% of men.

Most users are aged between 19 and 34.