25 march

Road marking works underway in Chisinau

Employees of the road maintenance company “Exdrupo” this week will be marking the streets in Chisinau. Priority is given to the main arteries leading in and out of the city and to the crosswalks near education institutions.

Asked by IPN, the company’s deputy head Vasile Panico said works this week will be performed on the streets Calea Iesilor, Mihai Viteazu and Petricani. The works are carried out only during the day as at night the temperatures are lower and prevent the paint from drying. Last week, longitudinal road markings were put on Muncesti and Dacia streets.

A sum of 5 million lei was allocated from the municipal budget for marking all the crosswalks and purchasing new traffic signs. The paint is imported from Belarus and, as the certificate of conformity says, lasts for at least three months.

The municipality renews the road markings two times a year, in spring and in autumn, at the start of the school year. There are about 10,000 roads signs and over 360 crosswalks in Chisinau.