02 june

Russia does not accept Air Moldova plane into its airspace

The Russian side maintains the flight ban on a large-capacity plane of Air Moldova airline flying on the Chisinau – Saint Petersburg route and back. The company’s press officer Mihaela Camerzan has told IPN that the Russian side provided no explanations why the flights by this aircraft are banned.

The company sold tickets for the May 28 flight to and from Russia by the plane that has a capacity of 220 seats. After the ban was imposed, all the passengers were informed about the changes. A part of them returned the tickets, while others are waiting for the company to embark them on another plane to the mentioned destinations.

“We asked to be allowed to operate flights by this plane to other destinations too and our requests were granted. Only Russia refused and we are kept in suspense. We do not clearly know the reason,” said Mihaela Camerzan.

The other flights to and from Russia are operated according to schedule, by aircraft with at most 170 seats. Delays are possible because the ban imposed on the plane with 220 seats affected the timetable.