29 october


A whole number of Moldovan experts believe that local politicians are speculating on the question of holding or not holding a referendum on implementation of the EU-RM Association Agreement. This opinion was stated at the roundtable conference organized here by the American Institute in Ukraine to discuss if the republic needs to hold a referendum on the expediency of the EU-RM Association Agreement.

Olga Goncharova, Head of the Assembly of the Peoples of Moldova, said that “there are supporters and opponents to such a referendum, and both camps are resorting to lies and overt falsifications. It is indeed clear that all this is done out of electoral interests to win voters’ sympathies. But we have to be honest and look at the situation objectively”.

She stressed that the Association Agreement has been signed and is already being implemented, “so the subject of discussion at a referendum is actually missing”.

“Not a single country has held a referendum on signing or realization of the Association Agreement. But a referendum is necessarily held at accession to the European Union. And in Moldova such a plebiscite will be necessarily held, if such question arises”, presumes the expert.

Sociologist Valeriu Mosneaga voiced confidence that there will be no such referendum in Moldova.

He explained, “It is understandable that if the present-day ruling coalition preserves power in their hands, they will continue the European integration course. But if the power goes to Left forces i.e. to a coalition of several parties, they will necessarily quarrel with one another on the matter. But even if they eventually reach a consensus, this will only be possible with the leading role to be played by the Communist Party. As is well known, its leader Vladimir Voronin can rule only in an authoritarian manner – without whatever referenda, opinion polls or asking anybody else’s opinion”.