17 january

Doctors, managers and programmes among the most demanded specialists in 2014

The most demanded professions in 2014 will be doctors, sales managers, programmers, insurance and trade agents and public administration specialists, according to the 2014 Barometer of Professions presented today.

Deputy Director of the National Employment Agency, Stefan Calancea said today that waiters, cashiers, salespersons and seamstresses will also be demanded this year.

“We questioned over 3 thousand employers that complained about the lack of qualified specialists. Another problem is that the majority of vacancies are in cities, whereas the unemployed are mainly from rural areas,” he said.

In his words, jurists, economists, agronomists, zoo-technicians, psychologists, veterinaries, mechanics, technicians, hairdressers, electricians and locksmiths stand the lowest chances to find a job this year.

According to the National Employment Agency, about 40 thousand vacancies will be offered in 2014 in Moldova. About 17 thousand people will find a job and about 2.7 thousand of unemployed will undergo professional training this year.

Infotag’s dossier: About 37.5 thousand vacancies and 43.4 thousand unemployed citizens were recorded at the National Employment Agency in 2013. About 16.7 thousand citizens managed to find a job last year, 2.5 thousand underwent vocational training courses and 2 thousand people took part in paid community works.