11 june

Andrian Candu: Association Agreement is one of most important documents for Moldova

The Association Agreement with the European Union is one of the most important documents for Moldova, said Deputy Head of Parliament Adrian Candu, who forms part of the Democratic Party. He pledged that he will vote for the ratification of this accord.

“It is one of the most important acts in Moldova’s history. It will help us to transform the country, to develop it and to do what we didn’t manage to do in 20 years. I consider that this accord is a fundamental one for the country’s future and I hope that it will help us to come as closer to the Western values and standards as soon as possible,” Andrian Candu told IPN within an inquiry held among lawmakers.

Moldova is set to sign the Association Agreement with the EU on June 27. It is expected that the accord will be ratified by Moldova’s Parliament by the end of the current session.