26 may

Ukrainians in Moldova voted for peace and unity

About 800 Ukrainian citizens living in Moldova cast their ballots in the Ukrainian presidential elections. They said they voted for peace, harmony and unity. The elections also involved Ukrainian citizens from the Transnistrian region, IPN reports.

Two polling places were established in Moldova – one in Chisinau and one in Balti. They worked from 8am until 8pm. The electoral authorities said the voter turnout was a modest one compared with the previous elections. According to a communiqué of the Embassy of Ukraine, the elections were held in an organized way, in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation. There were reported no incidents or emergencies at the polling places.

The people who took part in the elections said they have high hopes of the future president, who must bring the chaos in Ukraine to an end and ensure peace. Ukrainian Ambassador in Chisinau Serhii Pyrozhkov said he voted for the country’s democratic future, for peace and legal government in Ukraine so that the county overcomes the political crisis and does reforms.

There are over 56,000 Ukrainians in Moldova. 90% of them live in the Transnistrian region.

According to the exit polls held in Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko won the elections with about 56% of the vote.

In some of the regions of Ukraine, the separatists prevented the opening of polling places.