01 july

“Platform for Europe” launched in Moldova

Moldovan civil society representatives have launched on Monday the “Platform for Europe” aimed at supporting the country’s European course and at monitoring of how the Moldovan authorities will be implementing the Association Agreement, which Moldova signed with the European Union in Brussels on June 27.

Chairman of the “Eastern Europe” organization Sorin Mereacre presented at a news conference on Monday the Platform’s first declaration demanding “an immediate ratification of the Agreement” by the Moldovan Parliament, and to make all in Chisinau’s powers to receive the status of a candidate country for Moldova.

“The achievement of this objective is possible only if all political forces and the whole Moldovan society unite efforts around the national idea. So we are calling on everybody to get consolidated around this idea and to prepare the country to accession to the European Union. The Platform for Europe has been launched exactly for this purpose. It is open to all people who share European values and ideals”, said Mereacre.

The Declaration was signed by 50 non-governmental organizations and individual experts.

Victor Chirila, Executive Director of the Association for External Policy (APE), underlined that the declaration is not an act in support of a political party – it is a document supporting the idea of Moldova’s integration into the European Union.