14 april

Weightlifter Natalia Prishchepa wins bronze at European Championship

Natalia Prishchepa won a bronze medal in the European Weightlifting Championship in Israel. Competing in the 75 kg class, the Moldovan athlete finished third in the snatch event, IPN reports.

Prishchepa lifted 102 kilograms. In the clean and jerk and in the total, she ranked fourth with the result of 127 kg and, respectively, 229 kg. Spanish athlete Lidia Valentin became absolute winner in the 75 kg class.

Natalia Prishchepa is the third representative of Moldova who medaled at the European Weightlifting Championship this year. Oleg Sirghi won silver in the clean and jerk in the 56 kg class, while Serghei Cechir won two bronze medals and a silver in the 69 kg class.

On April 12, Andrian Zbirnea will be competing in the 105 kg class. He ranks first in Group B.