08 july

Concept of prosecutor’s office reform will not make it independent - Nicolai Andronic

Former Deputy Prime Minister, the Chairman of Commission on legal and judicial reform 1994 Nicolai Andronic named the concept of Prosecutor’s Office reform in Moldova, approved by the Parliament on July 3, as an “act of political bargaining”.

The former parliament member said that he considers the concept “the most shameful document, which was made by the Republic of Moldova in order to change and improve the prosecutor’s office work”.

“It is crystal clear that all this time, during the concept preparation, the main dispute was not about how to improve the transparency and work of this important state institute, and who will control it”, said Andronic, expressing regret about wasted time and money, which the European Union gave to the Moldovan authorities to reform its prosecution.

According to him, in the document there is nothing to say about high European standards, to which the Prosecutor’s Office and its stuff should correspond.

In his understanding, the consent of the deputies from the Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM) to vote for such edition of the concept of the Prosecutor’s Office reform means that there was an act of political bargaining between the PLDM and the Democratic Party (PDM).

“According to the results, the PLDM should benefit in something else, since the concept of reforming the Prosecutor’s Office is clearly lost, making many concessions to PDM”, said Andronic.

In his understanding, the council of public prosecutors will get such prosecutors, who will perform political orders, whom and how to judge, but on the other hand will decide their own mercantile interests.

He says that he does not understand why in this situation the EU experts are so silent.