27 june

Trains to Ghindesti to travel on bridge built with U.S. Government’s funds

A railroad line has been installed on the bridge situated near Ghindesti town of Floresti district, which is rehabilitated with funds provided by the U.S. Government within the Compact Program. By the end of the day, the trains will run on the new bridge already. Until now the trains travelled on the old bridge that will most probably be demolished, IPN reports.

According to a press release of the Millennium Challenge Account Moldova, U.S. Ambassador William H. Moser said those who travelled on this road have waited for the new bridge for tens of years. He voiced hope that the next generations in Moldova will approve of the generosity of the American people who provided funds for modernizing the Sarateni-Soroca road, especially the bridge with railroad.

Deputy Minister of Transport and Road Infrastructure Boris Gherasim said the rehabilitation of the bridge in Ghindesti will increase traffic security on this road portion, which is considered one of the 120 ‘black points’ with an increased risk for accidents.

The new bridge with railway in Ghindesti is 77 meters long, 4.1 meters wide and 8.5 meters high. It has four traffic lanes and will substitute the old bridge dating from the end of the 19th century, which had only one lane and was about 4 meters in height.

The costs for building the bridge and installing the over 620 meters of railroad totaled about US$2.4 million. This project forms part of the project to rehabilitate the Sarateni-Soroca road of 93 km, for which the U.S. Government provided approximately US$100 million.