15 april

Farmers will sell products to EU from this autumn

The Moldovan farmers will be able to export foot products to the EU starting with this autumn, after the Free Trade Agreement is signed, Minister of Economy Valeriu Lazar stated in the program “Replica” on Prime TV channel, IPN reports.

The Deputy Prime Minister said the farmers that export mainly to Russia will be thus protected from the bans imposed by this country. “The Government started a broad information campaign intended for farmers, centering on the quality standards and requirements imposed by the European Union. The Moldovan farmers are also instructed how to pack their products,” said Valeriu Lazar.

According to him, even if Russia is one of the main importers of Moldovan products, the markets to which Moldova exports goods diversified the previous years. Currently, almost half of the country’s exports go to the EU. Exports to Turkey and China also increased considerably.

Valeriu Lazar said that Transnistria’s exports to the EU exceed the exports of the producers from the right bank of the Nistru. Therefore, the economic entities from Transnistria are motivated to support the signing of the Free Trade Agreement.

The Deputy Prime Minister added that Moldova will anyway continue to export to Russia. “We will try to convince Moscow that the Russian consumers need Moldovan apples and grapes,” he said.