30 may

Summer season starts with same offers as last year

Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece remain at the top of Moldovan tourists’ preferences for this summer. These countries are among the cheapest destinations. Romania also created promotional packages for Moldova, while for Ukraine the travel agencies do not have offers this year.

Owing to the conflicts in Ukraine, the travel agencies of Moldova this year renounced the accommodation places for Crimea, Koblevo and Zatoka, Alexandr Juraveli, president of the National Association of Travel Agency, which is an NGO, has told IPN. This year Romania offered promotional packages for Moldova. A package of five days with accommodation at a one-star hotel and breakfast included costs €47 per person, at a two-star hotel – €60, while the place at a three-star hotel for a week costs €148, all inclusive. Only transport is paid additionally. “We didn’t accept offers for Ukraine because the people are afraid to go there,” said Alexandr Juraveli.

The prices and preferences vary depending on the period when the vacation package is purchased. “Romania was the most popular in winner. I think Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria will be more popular in summer,” stated Alexandr Juraveli.

Nicolae Platon, director general of the Tourism Agency, which a governmental body, said the Moldovan tourists orient themselves towards areas that are more financially accessible and have more conveniences. The liberalization of the visa regime didn’t change the preferences of Moldovans. Those who chose to go to southern France could do it before the abolition of the visa regime too. Montenegro returns to the tourism market. “Montenegro hadn’t provided tourist offers since 1996, while the flights to Cyprus include stopovers and this makes the tourists tired. The tour services provided by Cyprus can be found in Turkey too, at lower prices,” stated Nicolae Platon.

The price of a package for seven days in June is €235-480 in Turkey and €140-300 in Bulgaria. The cheapest offers for Greece cost €250-500, said Ana Rusu, director of a travel agency.

Ileana Luta, manager of another Chisinau travel agency, said the Moldovans invest in summer vacations only if the services include everything. “This year we provide direct flights from Chisinau to Crete. The more expensive destinations are Cannes, Nice, Mallorca, Tenerife, where prices very between €400 and 500 a night,” she stated.

In July and August, the prices of tourism packages will be higher, as usual.