20 june

Situation in Moldova gets out of control - experts

Chisinau, June 19, 2014 (Infotag). The situation in the Moldovan Ministry of the Interior has long gone out of control – in practically all senses, not solely in what concerns crime prevention efficiency, maintains Popular Anti-Mafia Movement leader Sergiu Mocanu.

Your Infotag correspondent asked Mr. Mocanu to comment the opposition Communist Party’s initiative, registered with the Parliament Permanent Bureau on Thursday morning, concerning the urgent need to discharge Minister of the Interior Dorin Recean and the incumbent MoI leadership, and Mocanu remarked that, unfortunately, it is a somewhat belated measure because the situation in the Ministry of the Interior “has gone too far”.

“The ruling coalition should have dismissed this minister long ago. Besides the Recean ministry’s full impotence to control crime in the republic, the ministry has come to have an organized criminal group headed by the Director of the MoI Department for Special Missions, Gheorghe Cafcaliuc, who fulfills political orders given to him from above to annihilate certain undesirable businesses in the republic”, explained Sergiu Mocanu.

In his opinion, the main responsible for such a situation in the MoI is Minister Dorin Recean, “who has been under the continuous full influence of various political and criminal groups, who dictate to him, so he can’t control the situation”.

“The situation can be saved only by discharging Recean and appointing another minister, who would not obey politically to Vlad Filat [the Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party – one of the three parties forming the incumbent ruling Coalition for Pro-European Governance (CEG). According to the notorious algorithm of division of ministries and other essential state structures between the CEG constituent parties, the Ministry of the Interior has been given to the LDPM]. Nowadays, orders in the ministry are given not by minister but by the said groups in the MoI that work on Filat and on Vlad Plahotniuc [the First Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Party and one of the country’s richest and mightiest oligarchs]. There are senior officers in the ministry, to whom the two gentlemen pay for committing necessary lawlessness”, stated Sergiu Mocanu.

Galina Bostan, Director of the Center for Corruption Analysis and Prevention, stated to Infotag that the crime situation in Moldova is indeed quite dramatic.

“At the same time, one cannot say that the situation is now worse than it was previously, because we cannot compare. Thanks to the press freedom, we come to learn so much interesting information, but not enough yet to compare. As for the Communists’ initiative to discharge Minister Recean, this party also fulfills its political tasks. But chances to remove Dorin Recean are standing next to zero because there are not enough votes for this in parliament”, said Galina Bostan.