16 january

24 Leuseni customs officers to stand trial

The criminal cases of 24 former officers at the Leuseni Customs that have been accused of corruption were sent to court. They face prison sentences of up to 10 years together with fines of up to 60,000 lei, IPN reports.

According to a press release from the Prosecutor General's Office, the accused had been under surveillance for almost half a year and the operation involved undercover investigators.

Evidence indicates that the officers extorted and received illegal fees ranging from 100 to 350 euros from importers of European goods into Moldova in exchange for facilitated customs procedures.

On October 22, a total of 42 officers were arrested following a raid at the Leuseni Customs, including the 24 accused customs officers, 13 border police officers, 4 officers of the National Patrol Inspectorate, and one member of the district police force. Criminal proceedings continue against the other suspects and they are expected to stand trial in the near future.