03 february

Almost 2m Moldovans now have ordinary passports

Approximately 2 million Moldovans have valid ordinary passports, according to the situation on January 1, 2014. Given that from summer the Moldovans are expected to travel visa-free to the EU, based on biometric passports, IPN made an enquiry to the state-run documentation company “Registru”. In its response, the company says that it can make about 1,500 biometric passports a day. Thus, up to half a million passports can be issued during a year.

The company’s administration anticipates that until 2015 the situation will remain relatively constant. Afterward, the number of applications will increase. Towards 2018, the applications are projected to double in number, with the gradual and complete withdrawal of the currently valid non-biometric passports from circulation.

The passports that do not contain biometric data, issued before January 1, 2011, can be used until their period of validity expires. If a person without a biometric passport wants to travel to the EU after the visa-regime is liberalized, they will have to apply for a visa.

“Registru” said the charges for issuing biometric passports will be changed only if there are objective factors, including the modification of the prices or used materials or of the costs for remunerating the employees. A biometric passport issued in 30 days costs 700 lei. Those who want to obtain a passport as quickly as possible can have it in 3 hours for 2,280 lei. click