03 july

Victor Osipov named manager of electoral campaign of PDM

Ex-Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Victor Osipov was appointed as manager of the election campaign of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) for this autumn’s parliamentary elections. PDM chairman Marian Lupu made the announcement after the meeting of the party’s extended Permanent Bureau held in the evening of July 2, IPN reports.

Marian Lupu said the PDM is the only party that didn’t start the preparations for the election campaign before the signature and ratification of the Association Agreement with the EU because the corporate interests and priorities of the party were left second.

Victor Osipov said that he was made the offer several weeks ago. “I accepted it as a challenge facing us, the politicians and political forces. It is a challenge that will confirm Moldova’s course and the people’s support for the pro-European parties by the coming elections. For me, it is very important to secure the voters’ support for the pro-European parties,” he stated, adding that he will be a technocrat manager of the party’s election campaign.

Victor Osipov was Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration in the Government of the Alliance for European Integration 1 and first deputy head of the party “Moldova Noastra” Alliance.

The parliamentary elections will take place on November 30.