01 april

Pensions to be raised by 6.45% from April 1

A number of categories of pensions will be by 6.45% higher from April 1. The minimum old-age pension will be 798.33 lei for national economy workers and 710.72 lei for agricultural workers. The average pension will be 1,116.75 lei, IPN has learned from the National House of Social Insurance.

Among the pensions raised from April 1 are the old-age, invalidity and successor’s pensions, the seniority pensions set for particular employees from civil aviation, education, healthcare, and customs as well as half of the pensions of public servants, councilors, prosecutors, MPs, members of the Cabinet and culture employees.

The invalidity and successor’s pensions of persons affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster will also be increased by 6.45%, while the monthly allowances of those who took part in the Chernobyl cleanup, nuclear and other dangerous experiments and the pensions of servicemen will be by 4.6% higher.

Under the Government decision of March 12, about 650,800 pensions will be raised, including 495,600 old-age pensions. The monthly expenditure for paying pensions rose by 42.4 million lei to 708.2 million lei.