30 january

Ukraine inserts new border crossing regulations

Ukraine has changed its border crossing regulations for foreign citizens entering the country. Several minivans and individuals originating from Moldova have been denied entry in Ukraine in the last few days. Those citizens were not aware of the new regulations.

Moldovan Foreign Ministry contacted the Ukrainian authorities for explanations. The latter confirmed that the administration has set new requirements.

According to the new conditions, those who intend to travel to Ukraine need to have a financial proof and specify their scope of stay. At least 4,060 Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) (~$500) are required for a 5-day-long stay.

Government in Chisinau called on Ukrainian authorities to cancel this regulation for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

Foreign Minister Natalia Gherman emphasized that if these requirements will not be lifted, Moldova could impose similar requirements for Ukrainian citizens.

“We want to avoid the insertion of such measures,” Ms. Gherman said. “We believe it is a misunderstanding.”