04 february

In Moldova’s case it’s impossible to thwart path to EU, Iurie Leanca

There is a great difference between Moldova and other Eastern Partnership countries. Moldova is a parliamentary state. In Ukraine for example, a single person was able to frustrate or suspend the European course. But in the case of Moldova this is impossible, Prime Minister Iurie Leanca said in the program “Fabrica” on Publika TV, quoted by IPN.

The Premier said that a campaign to inform the people about the European integration will be launched in Moldova. It won’t be a misinformation campaign aimed at disseminating incorrect information, which is a practice used by the politicians and political parties that oppose this process. After this campaign is carried out, the people will be able to pronounce on the country’s external development direction in the future parliamentary elections, which will have a geopolitical undertone too.

Last November, Moldova and Georgia, which are member states of the Eastern Partnership, initialed Association Agreements with the EU. Also then, Ukraine was to sign such an accord, but several days earlier the Ukrainian President suspended the association process. This aroused the dissatisfaction of hundreds of thousands of people, who continue to protest in Kiev. Not long ago, the Ukrainian Government fell. In the period, the President of Armenia also announced that they decided to move towards the Customs Union, not towards the European Union.