18 march

Purchasing power of Moldovans continues to be low, “Euromonitor”

The purchasing power of the Moldovans remains low, while the benefits provided by the state are very low in comparison with the minimum costs needed to survive, IPN reports, quoting data from the most recent edition of “Euromonitor”.

“Expert-Grup” Center executive director Adrian Lupusor said that about 1.5 million Moldovans live in households with migrants and depend on remittances. Over 80% of the incomes of these households represent money received from abroad. A study made by UNICEF shows that about 155,000 children have one or both of the parents working abroad.

The expert said new services intended for children in risky situations should be created, but the available financial resources are limited and cover only a small part of the costs needed to support the children who remained without parental care.

Adrian Lupusor also said that the discrepancy between the living standards and welfare in urban and rural areas continues to grow. A solution is to create workplaces and to ensure decent living standards in villages, with access to utilities and services. The decent salaries are also an important element as they allow covering the monthly costs incurred.

The publication “Euromonitor” (“Moldova’s European integration: progress made in 2013 and
challenges of 2014) is produced by the Association for Participatory Democracy
ADEPT and the Independent Analytical Center “Expert-Grup”).