13 june

Intersector cooperation in area of youth policies needs to be developed

The youth sector needs to be consolidated so that the problems faced by the youth are better addressed. The young people must have a nucleus and must come together at youth centers and discussion clubs where to address the problems they encounter and, in the end, to formulate recommendations for the authorities, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport Sergiu Stanciu said in the national conference “Development of intersector cooperation in the area of youth policies”, which was staged by the Ministry of Youth and Sport, IPN reports.

The official said that the youth sector now does not have a well-planned structure, as the health sector and the education sector. “The youth sector must be developed based on the European practice. The activities and problems of the youth should not be tackled as a whole. We need at least two years to prepare all the documents needed to have the youth sector personnel recognized and to implement minimum quality standards so that this sector is recognized,” said Sergiu Stanciu.

The most important problems faced now by the young people, which were mentioned at the conference, are: workplaces, studies of a high quality, and access to housing. If this sector is consolidated, these problems will be solved as there will be developed intersector relations.

Attending the event, UN Resident Coordinator in Moldova Nicola Harrington-Buhay said that this sector has a future and the voice of the young Moldovans is heard at international forums. For the youth problems to be solved, the cooperation between civil society, the central authorities and community working groups must be stepped up.

Evgeniia Petrivska, expert for the Eastern Partnership Youth Regional Unit (EPYRU), said that intersector cooperation is needed for making sure that the conditions and needs of the young people in policy drafting are taken into account. The success of the intersector cooperation resides not in ad-hoc cooperation, but in structured and regular cooperation.

Constantin Turcanu, senior consultant at the Education Ministry’s Youth Programs Division, noted that the goal of the meeting is to formulate recommendations for developing efficient and sustainable partnerships in the youth sector so as to deal with the youth problems in a coordinated way.

Head of the National Youth Council of Moldova Doru Curosu said that the involvement of the youth has become a key goal of the NGOs, states institutions and the Government as they want to offer more platforms and instruments for engaging and consulting the young people. Now the young people are involved in solving problems to a greater extent and have greater opportunities.

The conference held on June 12 – 13 brought together experts, representatives of the local and central authorities, NGOs and of youth resource centers.