05 june

Political analysts about dissension inside PCRM

There are serious disagreements inside the Communist Party (PCRM), which can lead to the disappearance of the party. Such a conclusion was formulated by political analysts in the program “Politics” on TV7 channel, IPN reports.

Editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Panorama” Dmitry Chubashenko considers the PCRM is subject to a raider attack by oligarchs who want to take over the party so as to form a center-left alliance with the Democratic Party (PDM) after the parliamentary elections. “The party is attacked from all the directions, including by Vlad Plahotniuc. I heard that there is a list of ten persons for whom by about US$1 million is paid for being included in the PCRM’s list of candidates for elections,” he stated.

Political analyst Nicolae Chirtoaca noted that if a consensus is not reached within the PCRM, the party is doomed to death. “Voronin no longer inspires confidence at foreign level. He probably counts on a partnership with Plahotniuc and it’s not excluded that the alliance will be formed before the elections. The PCRM will be kept only if Voronin reaches a compromise with the party’s main activists. If not, Voronin will sell the party to oligarchs,” he said.

Political analyst Alexei Tulbure said he also heard about an electoral list discussed by Plahotniuc with Voronin and this list does not include those who made the PCRM famous over the last few years while in the opposition, including Petcov, Petrenco, Todua, Muntean, and Poleanschi.

Political analyst Viorel Cibotaru believes there are several scenarios in the case of the PCRM and the agreement between Voronin and Plahotniuc is one of them. “In this case, Plahotniuc will take over the party. He will either reform or rename it, or the party will merge with the PDM based on the platform of the latter,” he said.