31 january

Activity and statements of politicians will be available on electronic platform

The activity, promises, statements and performance of the politicians and elected officials will be monitored and presented on the electronic platform www.promis.md . The platform was presented by the Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPT in a news conference at IPN.

The Assertion’s executive director Igor Botan said they will collect information based on electoral platforms, the government programs and related action plans, the promises made ad-hoc and the statements on resounding social events. The main goal of the platform is to make the politicians and government officials responsible for the activities performed within the mandate given by the people.

The platform will also support the civil education of voters so as to create a community of people who are responsible for the choices they make, who constantly and appropriately react to the elected officials’ work. “The politicians and state officials obtain votes from the people based on the electoral promises they make. These promises are based on political parties’ programs and doctrines. Stimuli for the politicians and people are needed between elections. The platform we present today has the ambition to achieve this desideratum, i.e. to make the politicians responsible and to help the people keep an eye on the politicians,” stated Igor Botan.

The platform uses an innovative methodology that includes specially worked out techniques for identifying and analyzing daily the most important events. The events, promises, statements and activities of the politicians are assessed based on a series of criteria brought together into one model that enables to describe the profile of political actors, to calculate their current ratings and their influence on the rating of the party they represent.

The platform’s experts will also assess political players’ activities by comments and analyses. Gradually, www.promis.md will become interactive, offering those interested the possibility of expressing their attitudes and of submitting pertinent proposals. The platform www.promis.md is a complementary element of the portals www.alegeri.md and www.partide.md.

The platform was designed with the financial support of the National Endowment for Democracy within the Empowering Citizens to Monitor the Politicians’ Promises Project.