09 june

Most of attic-like apartments in Chisinau were built with serious deviations, specialist

91% of the attic-like apartment stories in Chisinau were built with serious deviations, said the representative of the State Construction Inspectorate Anton Barbalat. In a meeting with contractors that erect attic-like apartments, he said that the State Construction Inspectorate annually analyzes about 4,000 petitions from dwellers who complain about the quality of these apartments, IPN reports.

Anton Barbalat said that most of the buildings on which attic-like apartments were erected were constructed before 1980. A study shows that in case of a powerful earthquake, these blocks can bear only 5% of the total weight of the attic-like apartment story.

Fore his part, chief engineer of the State Energy Inspectorate Marc Ramis said that serious violations were identified at erected attic-like apartments stories or stories under construction. “In the initial designs, they put protection electrical devices that meet the requirements. But then they set up such devices with amperage that is 5-6 times higher than required. The power cables thus pose an increased danger,” he stated.

The representative of the construction company Ultra-Construct Ion Cernioglo said the situation on the attic-like apartments market has worsened after a fire destroyed 28 apartments on an attic-like apartment story on Independentei St in Chisinau. “The built apartments do not sell. Furthermore, we are subject to dozens of different inspections monthly. It seems that all the state institutions started to work only after that fire in Botanica. We need investments to finish the construction, but no bank wants to offer us loans for building attic-like apartments,” he stated.

Recently, the construction authorizations for 20 attic-like apartment stories were invalidated as the works didn’t start on time and the period of validity of the authorizations expired. The authorizations for another five attic-like apartment stories were suspended and the holders have to present additional required documents before starting the works.