30 april

Memory alley to be opened at Serpeni on May 7

A memory alley called “The Strongholds on the Dniester” to Red Army warriors will be unveiled solemnly in the Serpeni village at the namesake military glory memorial.

Vasily Senkovsky, Chairman of the citizen movement “August”, told your Infotag correspondent that 7 granite plates will appear at Serpeni to symbolize the main military burial places in Moldova.

“We will place into the basement of each plate memorial capsules with descriptions of the battles at each of the localities. We thus hope to immortalize the history and memory of that faraway war”, says Senkovsky.

He stressed that the activities of the organization’s search teams have been organized in a way to make no difference between the remnants of soldiers and officers they find – no matter if those were Soviet or German servicemen.

“This year, we have already passed to the Popular Union of Germany the remnants of 14 Wehrmacht military killed in the Moldovan raions [districts] of Briceni, Leova and Hincesti. Now, 7 decades later, they will find calm in their native land”, said Senkovsky.

The “August” search teams receive assistance from the Russian Embassy to Moldova and the Russian Center for Sciences and Culture in Chisinau.