13 february

Communists demand replacing flag from presidium of renovated Parliament Building

The Communist parliamentary group said the flag from the presidium of the renovated Parliament Building contains inappropriate colors and demanded that it should be replaced, IP reports.

“The blue does not meet the legal norms. This ‘bleu’ should be different. A meeting cannot take place if it is honored the flag of another state,” MP Alexandr Petkov said in the meeting of the Standing Bureau. He was assured that the problem will be fixed by the February 13 sitting of Parliament.

The Communists also expressed their discontent with the fact that the name of the institution on the building is in Romanian and Russian only and not yet in Russian. “Such names must be written in the official language and in Russian, as provided by the law on languages,” said Alexandr Petkov. He was again assured that this demand will be dealt with.

Neither the new electronic voting system pleased the Communist lawmakers. “This system violates the norms on open vote. Practically the entire voting procedure is closed,” stated Petkov.

After the meeting, Speaker Igor Corman said the voting system is in strict compliance with the Parliament’s Regulations. “These assertions are unfounded as this new system facilitates procedural matters,” he stated. As to the other discontents of the Communists, Igor Corman said it’s normal for different opinions to appear in a period of adjustment.

Parliament resumes work on February 13. The first sitting of the spring-summer session will be held in the renovated building. Until now the sittings took place at the Palace of the Republic.