16 may

Irina Loghin receives Order of Honor

President Nicolae Timofti conferred the Order of Honor on Romanian folk music singer Irina Loghin in the afternoon of May 15, IPN reports.

After receiving the award, the Romanian singer said she was flattered. “I’m very glad to be awarded such an order on my father’s land,” stated Irina Loghin.

The artist will give a concert at the National Palace “Nicolae Sulac” in Chisinau in the evening of May 15. She said that the Bessarabian public is exclusive. “It is a receptive public by which you can transmit the message and they feel it together with you. We can cry and laugh together. I met only in Bessarabia such people,” said Irina Loghin.

The Order of Honor is a high state award of Moldova that is conferred by presidential decree for remarkable results in the economic, social, political, cultural and other spheres.