17 january

Judges repeat attempt to complete Superior Council

The Judges' General Assembly today will make another attempt to elect three members to the Superior Council. Fourteen judges are in the race for the three vacant posts. Seven are proposed by the appellate courts and they are running for two vacant seats, and seven others, proposed by the district courts, run for the third, IPN reports.

The candidates proposed by the appellate courts are Vera Toma (Balti), Valeriu Harmaniuc (Balti); Gheorghe Ulianovschi (Comrat), Nicolae Craiu (Chisinau), Dina Rotarciuc (Chisinau), Sergiu Furdui (Chisinau) and Ion Muruianu (Chisinau).

The district courts proposed the following candidates:d Victor Micu (Chisinau's Riscani district), Sergiu Lebediuc (Military Court), Nichifor Corochii (Edinet), Stefan Nita (Chisinau's Centru district), Gheorghe Balan (Chisinau's Botanica district), Mihail Macar (Hincesti) and Grigore Siscanu (Nisporeni).

On 18 October 2013, the judges Dumitru Visternicean, Tatiana Raducanu and Anatolie Turcan were elected members of the Superior Council. At a subsequent meeting on November 22, the Judges' General Assembly failed to elect three other members.

The Superior Council of Magistracy has 12 seats, occupied as follows: 6 judges are elected by the Judges' General Assembly, 3 are delegated by the Ministry of Justice, the Prosecutor General and the Chief Justice) and 3 appointed by Parliament from among honorary professors. The Superior Council members are elected for terms of four years.