27 may

Vlad Filat does not rule out possibility of Moldova joining NATO

Moldova can come closer, cooperate with and even join NATO, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM) Vlad Filat said in the program “Politics” on TV 7 channel, IPN reports.

According to the Liberal-Democratic leader, in certain situations Moldova can join NATO. “I do not say that the articles of the Constitution will be thus violated. If looking objectively at what is going on everywhere, especially after the developments in Ukraine, we can see that the world has changed. That’s why Moldova needs a security system. If there is no other system for Moldova, we must take into account the existing one,” said Vlad Filat.

He noted that if Russia has a committee on cooperation with NATO, why Moldova should not have one. “We have Transnistria. What is happening in southern Moldova is not a provocation. There is also a plan of action with serious support on the part of Moscow and this is not a secret. There are matters that need national accord such as independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. But there is no consensus in this respect between parties,” he stated.

Referring to the situation in southern and eastern Moldova, Vlad Filat reiterated the statements made earlier, saying the separatist actions in these areas are supported by the special services of Russia that have lately stepped up their work in Moldova. The Communists also play an important role in this respect in Moldova.

The Liberal-Democratic leader also said that they are now working to prepare the party for winning the elections of this November, underlining that the PLDM will not take part in the elections in blocs and will not form post-electoral alliances with left-wing parties.