27 march

Reaction of General Police Inspectorate to police posts in Gagauzia

The General Police Inspectorate said that it hasn’t yet received official requests from the authorities of Gagauzia concerning the setting up of local police posts on a number of roads, at the entrance to the Autonomous Territorial Unit. Neither the Ministry of the Interior received such applications, IPN reports.

In a reaction comment, the General Police Inspectorate says that asked by the Chisinau police, the head of the Gagauzia Police Division, which is a subdivision of the General Police Inspectorate, said that he received a relevant decision from the executive committee of Gagauzia.

He informed the local office of the State Chancellery, which, within 30 days, will pronounce on the legality of the actions taken by the Comrat administration. Until the Chancellery takes a decision, no police post will be established.

Under the Law on the Police and the Status of Police Officer, any police subdivision, service or entity can be created at the suggestion of the General Police Inspectorate’s chief and only with the consent of the minister of the interior.

According to the official website of Gagauzia, the decision to set up mobile posts of the local police at the entrance to Gagauzia was taken in a meeting of the local executive body following complaints from people about unfounded checks to which drivers are subject by employees of the National Patrolling Inspectorate. At the request of Bashkan Mihail Formuzal, persons in charge will draft a legislative initiative that will ban patrols by officers of the National Patrolling Inspectorate on the region’s territory.