28 january

Romania will make political offer to Moldova in order to avoid situations similar to those in Ukraine

Romania will be unable not to make a political offer to Moldova if the latter is faced with dramatic options. The European Union cannot allow one more resounding failure as in the case of Ukraine, Romanian Ambassador to Moldova Marius Lazurca said in the program “In depth” on Pro TV channel, quoted by IPN.

According to the Romanian diplomat, Traian Basescu made the statements about Moldova’s union with Romania in the name of the Romanian state. “President Traian Basescu speaks about a project that can be anticipated and intuited, but it is yet to be launched or may be updated in the future. It’s not something that can be done tomorrow. It’s not a project of our generation and it cannot be implemented with brutality. I don’t think the head of state is responsible for the way his words are interpreted,” said Marius Lazurca.

He added that Romania will help Moldova unconditionally in case of national instability or orchestrated disorder that can affect the European course. Namely in such a context, Romania can make a political offer by which to avoid situations similar to those witnessed in Ukraine.

“President Basescu said the EU, respectively Romania, cannot afford a new resounding failure like those in Ukraine and Armenia. It is an alarm signal that Traian Basescu sends to his colleagues from the European Union, warning that such scenarios are anytime possible at the border with the EU,” stated the Romanian ambassador.

In the same connection, the diplomat said that Romania has a historical responsibility towards Moldova and, if it the latter is put in a dramatic situation, Romania will be unable to stand aside