10 june

Vlad Plahotniuc: ‎Moldova is not ready for one-party government; we will have coalition

After the parliamentary elections of this autumn, Moldova will continue to be governed by a coalition of parties as it is not yet ready for a one-party government, first deputy chairman of the Democratic Party (PDM) Vlad Plahotniuc said in an interview for the portal Unimedia, quoted by IPN.

Vlad Plahotniuc avoided saying if the future coalition will be a leftwing or a rightwing one. “Let’s wait for the elections to take place first. I want Moldova to have a democratic government that will continue this road because we cannot modernize and improve people’s living conditions otherwise. It is evident that we will have a coalition government and this is very good. Moldova is not yet ready for a one-party government. We need several more years of government in coalition and work in wider teams,” stated the politician.

He approved of the experience of coalition government accumulated by the ruling parties over the last year. “We work and prepare for the election campaign. We will formulate clear and realistic messages for the people, not nice stories and lies. We have accomplishments that we must present and concrete projects for the future. The most important thing is to show that we learned something and we know to avoid political crises. I think we showed we can govern together during the last year,” he said.

Vlad Plahotniuc noted that the current government coalition hasn’t discussed the creation of a common electoral bloc. “Colleagues from the coalition said publicly that they do not want to take part in elections in a bloc and I see no reason for holding such discussions. It is now important that we each prepare as well as we can and achieve a good result in elections,” he stated.

He also said that discussions on the signing of a possible nonaggression pact between the components of the Pro-European Coalition also weren’t held. “I think we are mature people and have a common interest. Why should we attack each other in the electron campaign? If somebody wants to provoke tensions, can a paper stop them? The things for the PDM are clear. Our opponent is not on the right. The Communists occupied abusively a part of the left and we will struggle to create a social-democratic left. The leftwing voters need this and they need serious projects, not demagogy,” Vlad Plahotniuc stated for Unimedia.