18 april

Durable partnerships between settlements from both banks of Nistru

Nine local initiatives aimed at solving specific social problems in education, culture and information of communities from both banks of the Nistru River had been implemented during a year within the Support to the Confidence Building Measures Program that is financed by the EU and UNDP, IPN reports.

In a roundtable meeting held to mark the completion of the project, it was said that by the nine initiatives there were established a number of information and training centers. Persons of all ages enjoyed benefits, but the objectives centered mainly on the improvement of the situation of women from rural areas from both banks of the Nistru.

Within the project, a training and information center was created in Calfa, Anenii Noi for 96 direct beneficiaries – unemployed persons, people with disabilities, pensioners and young people in risky situations. In Varnita, the same district, there was established a friendship bridge between two kindergartens from both banks of the Nistru – “Romanita” in Varnita and “Guguta” in Speia, Grigoriopol. Fifteen educators from these kindergartens established partnerships and exchanged opinions.

In Chircaiesti, Causeni, there was implemented a project to establish cooperation relations with the Bender boarding school in providing multifunctional assistance for 120 children, teen and young people in difficulty. In Oxentea, Dubasari, nine active women from Goian village were involved in a project and urged to take part in decision-making in their communities.

Other projects and activities were carried out in Hartop and Bacioc of Grigoriopol, in Ternovca of Slobozia, and in Hrustavaia of Camenca.

Besides, ten women from the Transnistrian region were involved in internships at NGOs from the right bank of the Nistru, 49 women paid fact-finding visits to developed settlements, while eight women were promoted within the campaign “Woman – community leader”.

The project was implemented by Contact Center in partnership with the Tiraspol-based Independent Institute for Law and Civil Society.