07 april

Moldovan Parliament holds hearings on april 2009 events investigation

The Moldovan Parliament has devoted this Friday to hearing the progress of the 5-year-long investigation into the April 7, 2009 events.

On this occasion, the parliamentarians invited to the session the representatives of the stage agencies having a direct relation to the investigation – Prosecutor General Corneliu Gurin, Information and Security Service (ISS) Director Mihai Balan and Minister of the Interior Dorin Recean.

The deputies decided to first hear the invited guests, after which to hold a Q&A session. Minister Dorin Recean stated from the forum’s central rostrum that the April 2009 events happened as such “because a political factor interfered into the law enforcement’s work”.

“The events demonstrated the inefficiency of the law enforcement agencies’ work. Politics interfered into their work, which led to violation of human rights. This is exactly what we are now struggling against, and are implementing a police reform”, said the minister.

ISS chief Mihai Balan stated in parliament that there was no coup d’etat as such on April 7, 2009.

“Information concerning an alleged coup was checked, but no materials were found. Instigators were revealed among protesters – members of football clubs and legionary organizations. Yes the April 2009 events were planned, but it was not a coup”, stressed Balan.

In his words, information gathering is continuing, but the information may be disclosed to the public only by decision of the court.

Prosecutor General Corneliu Gurin stated that the investigation has taken 5 years and would not end until even now because the law enforcement have been working in the conditions of excessive pressure on them.

Gurin said that in 2010, the Prosecutor General’s Office submitted its investigation materials to the Parliament.

“All criminal cases were divided into 4 directions: mass unrest; excess of power by the police; excess of power by the country leadership; and the organization of disturbances. We have interrogated nearly 1.5 thousand people – usual protesters, public figures, political leaders. However, many our documents would not be supported by parliamentarians”, stated the Prosecutor General.

“For instance, in 2010 we submitted to the Parliament our documents on the excess of office by ex-President of Moldova Vladimir Voronin. However, the parliamentary Standing Committee for Legal Issues, Appointments and Immunity declined our inquiry on de-immunizing MP Voronin, and the case failed to reach the court”, said Gurin.