14 february

Governing coalition and opposition exchange accusations of irresponsibility

The Pro-European governing coalition and the opposition accused each other of following narrow party interests and being irresponsible towards the country and the citizens. At the opening meeting of the Parliament's current session, the coalition MPs spoke about the importance of 2014 due to the scheduled signing of the Association Agreement with the EU, while the opposition MPs said that things will only get worse for the people, IPN reports.

Maria Postoico, leader of the Communists' parliamentary group, said that the Vilnius Summit was followed only by fake and empty statements. Postoico noted that there was less than a year left until the next parliamentary elections. “It is necessary to realize that the remaining time should not be wasted on an internal cold war, on the governing parties' attempt to cling on to power at any cost, on stealing the last remains of the state's property, on repressions against the opposition. Otherwise, the end will be sad for the whole country”, she warned.

Leader of the PLDM parliamentary group Valeriu Strelet spoke about the main goals of the current session, including the signing and ratification of Association Agreement sealed in Vilnius. Another priority is to continue the reform of the judiciary, to improve conditions for farmers and so on. “We need to show a mature and responsible attitude to finalize the projects we have started, to breathe a new life into society. To this goal, we need everyone's participation in order to adopt good laws and to communicate with the people”, said the MP.

Leader of the Democrats' group Marian Lupu said that the main aim of the coalitions is to strengthen the people's trust in the government. “Our coalition assumed the task to work together for Moldova's future, to resist against manipulation and against those who are not on our side. In this session, PDM will make the main effort, will defend the state's sovereignty against provocateurs”, said Lupu. According to him, the coalition will continue to promote development projects so that every citizen would feel well.

Ion Hadarca, leader of the Liberal Reformists group, promised that in this session the coalition would promote projects that would improve the life of citizens at home and abroad. Special attention would be paid to economy, the banking and the electoral systems. To achieve these goals, the coalition must be stronger against attempts of destabilization from within and from without, he closed.

The MPs gathered on Thursday, February 13, for the Parliament's first meeting of 2014 and opening the spring-summer session.