30 may

Mocanu family to sue Vladimir Voronin in court

The family of Sergiu Mocanu, the Popular Anti-Mafia Movement leader, is preparing to sue the ex-President of Moldova, Chairman of the Communist Party MP Vladimir Voronin in court.

Sergiu Mocanu announced at a news conference here today that after 6 years of litigations, the Supreme Court of Justice has pleaded his two sons not guilty. In 2008, the guys were unlawfully accused of inflicting heavy bodily injuries to a young man in a Chisinau pub.

“Roman has been fully justified, and Adrian’s punishment has been cancelled”, said Sergiu Mocanu, who had been President Voronin’s Adviser-at-Large in the early 2000s.

Mocanu maintains that the case was fabricated by Voronin’s order.

“We shall demand a criminal prosecution of Voronin for what he did to our family, and this will happen pretty soon even though he has lately become a friend of Vlad Plahotniuc [the First Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Party and one of the country’s richest and mightiest oligarchs]. First we will seek justice with courts in Moldova, moving upward – up to the European Court of Human Rights. We shall be demanding from Voronin compensation of the material and moral damage he made to us, for he is the one who organized that affair and trial.

Infotag’s dossier: Sergiu Mocanu constantly talks about the authorities’ backstage activities, and has already provoked several loud scandals in upper echelons of power.

In particular, it was exactly Mocanu who announced in early January of 2013 about what was subsequently called the “Huntgate” scandal, when a young businessman was killed accidentally during an illicit hunting, organized by high-ranked state officials in the Padurea Domneasca national park on December 23, 2012. Shortly after that, then-Prosecutor General Valeriu Zubco, who also took part in that “royal hunt”, was fired, and yet later the Filat Government was dissolved and replaced with a new Cabinet headed by Premier Iurie Leanca.

It was also Sergiu Mocanu who opened the Moldovan public’s eyes on the memorable raider attacks against several Moldovan banks, and on the illicit financial activities of Moldovan Consul General at Bologna, who was dismissed from the post. Mocanu is convinced that the Communists, who ruled the country in 2001-2009, and the incumbent authorities are birds of a feather.

Sergiu Mocanu was President Voronin’s Advisor-at-Large for 4 years. Upon resignation from that essential post in 2007, Mocanu created the Popular Action socio-political movement and became strongly oppositional to the Moldovan Communist authorities and first and foremost to his former boss, President Voronin.

Mocanu was going to stand for Parliament in 2009, but in August 2008 his two sons were detained by police after a fist-fight in a Chisinau night club.

They were subsequently placed under a home arrest for the case investigation period, but decided they would be safer under the protection of Romania, whose citizens the two young men were and still are, like is their dad, so they jumped over the Romanian Embassy’s fence and asked shelter, and had stayed there for over a year. After that, Sergiu Mocanu stated he was quitting active politics. The Movement he heads did not participate in the 2009 parliamentary elections.