16 may

Number of adopted children goes up

The number of children adopted in Chisinau rose almost two times. Last year, there were adopted 40 children, as against 22 in 2012, head of the Chisinau Human Rights Division Svetlana Chifa said in a conference held to mark the International Day of Families on May 15, IPN reports.

According to her, over 1,400 children who remained without parental care are now institutionalized. Of them, 103 have the status of adoptable child. There are 96 families who want to adopt a child and this figure is on the rise.

Svetlana Chifa said these positive trends are pleasing, but society continues to have incorrect approaches to child adoption. One of them refer to the difficult adoption procedure, while another one to the wish to adopt children of an early age. According to Chifa, in reality the older children realize that they were adopted and will be afterward grateful to the parents for having adopted them.

“On the International Day of Families, we note that we are open and transparent and are glad for every couple that wants to adopt a child,” stated Svetlana Chifa.

Of the 103 adoptable children, 42 are in couples, which is they are by 2-4 siblings, while 61 suffer from heart disease, the Dawn Syndrome, malformations and other illnesses. The monthly allowance for an adopted child, paid until the child reaches 18, is 600 lei.

Manager of the Center for Social Rehabilitation of Children “Casa Gavroche” Nina Dodon said 12 of the 18 children living at the Center are adoptable and are aged between 4 and 14.