15 may

Attempt to corrupt police officers to be punished with six years in jail

The Ministry of the Interior and the General Police Inspectorate on May 14 launched a campaign to promote transparency and integrity among employees of the Ministry of the Interior. The goal of the campaign “You risk six years in jail if you attempt to give bribe” is to monitor the interaction between patrolling inspectors and people and to assess the quality of the police intervention, IPN reports.

In the launch of the campaign, Minister of the Interior Dorin Recean said the authorities invest many resources for the police to be able to fight organized crime, to take part in educating the public and to gain the people’s trust. “We must ardently fight corruption that involves the police, on the one hand, and we assume responsibility to discourage bribery in the police, and those who offer bribe on the other hand,” he stated.

According to him, statistics show that over half of the drivers stopped by patrolling inspectors try to solve the problem by offering bribe. Therefore, the representatives of the Ministry demanded making the fine paying procedures clearer and simpler so that the driver who violated the law can pay the fine legally, without giving bribe to the patrolling inspector.

Within the campaign, the patrolling cars will have stickers with the words “You risk six years in jail if you attempt to give bribe” on them. The patrolling inspectors will carry mobile surveillance cameras that will record the activity during the day. Afterward, the recordings will be transmitted to the Monitoring Center of the General Police Inspectorate.

All the patrolling cars equipped with surveillance cameras will have messages warning the people that their interaction is monitored on them

Dorin Recean called on the people who do not obey the traffic rules to comply with the legislation and, if they break the law, to assume responsibility and suffer the consequences.