27 june

Petru Stirbate: Events in Crimea prove that our place is not in East

Liberal-Democratic lawmaker Petru Stirbate has told IPN that he will vote for the ratification of the Association Agreement with the EU without hesitation. According to him, Moldova has no other prospect, while the European Union is the only partner that will ensure the country’s security and development.

Within a survey conducted by IPN among lawmakers, Petru Stirbate said that Moldova can develop only by implementing the European values. “We should have a common development course with the opposition. Regretfully, everyone understands the country’s future their way. We hope that they will temper their ambitions at least now and will go together with us in one safe direction. We had been in the East once and for a long time. It’s enough. What happened in Crimea proves that our pace is not in the East,” he stated.

Moldova signs the Association Agreement with the EU today, June 27. The document is to be ratified by the votes of minimum 51 MPs.