20 may

Fiodor Ghelici: Law enforcement bodies must be depoliticized

Diplomat Fiodor Ghelici, ambassador of the International Organization for Economic Development to Moldova, said the level of corruption in the country is very high and the law enforcement bodies must be depoliticized so that they are able to fight it.

In a news conference at IPN, Fiodor Ghelici said the authorities avoid cooperating with the organization he represents without providing arguments. “I suspect the reason is that this organization finances projects directly, without involving representatives of the authorities. Thus, they realize that they will be unable to appropriate a part of the money,” he stated.

According to Fiodor Ghelici, he discussed with partners from the U.S., who said that for the law enforcement bodies to be depoliticized their administration must be chosen directly by the people, especially because Moldova is a small country and it won’t be hard to stage this democratic exercise.

In the same news conference, Fiodor Ghelici, who had been recently under arrest on human trafficking charges, shared his ideas as to who wants to reduce him thus to silence. “A version is that the organizations protecting the rights of homosexuals attack me because I openly plead against their propaganda. Another version is that particular politicians want to get rid of me. The third version is that I was included in a list of persons who disseminate pro-Russian propaganda, which was compiled by the Presidential Office. I don’t know exactly who wants to get rid of me, but I tell them that they should better shoot me as I do not intend to keep silent,” said the activist.

He also said that his status of ambassador of an international organization does not hinder him from running in this year’s elections and he will do it on the lists of a party whose name he will make public later.