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State representatives and independent experts about corruption combating

The package of anticorruption laws is a very good one, but it does not work efficiently owing to the people’s mentality. Such a conclusion was formulated by representatives of the state and independent experts in the program “Fabrika” on Publika TV channel, which centered on the plan of action for implementing the national anticorruption strategy adopted by Parliament, IPN reports.

National Anticorruption Center vice director Cristina Tarna said the persons convicted of acts of corruption get a symbolic punishment. “The judges make use of all the legal means possible to acquit or put on probation those who commit acts of corruption. The training of a group of judges in examining cases of corruption would significantly contribute to solving the problem. However, corruption can be rooted out if each of us takes steps in this direction, when going to the doctor or when taking the child to the kindergarten. “We want more people to understand that corruption does not advantage them on a medium or a long term,” she stated.

Democratic MP Sergiu Sarbu considers that the plan of action for implementing the national anticorruption strategy will start to produce results soon, but no law will have effect if the people do not fight the corruption inside them.

Executive director of the Resource Center for Human Rights (CReDO) Sergiu Ostaf believes the legal framework is progressive and the first results in this field will be visible in half a year. “In Ukraine, Georgia and Russia there is no such instrument. The measures are courageous and without precedent for this region,” he said.

The program’s permanent invitee Cristian Tabara said the deficiencies in fighting corruption in Moldova have a historical background. “In time, the Moldovans learned to be corrupt. During the Turkish regime, Moldova’s throne was bought for large sums of money and during the Tsarist reign the favors were also bought. The situation repeated in the Soviet period. Thus, corruption was implanted in the Moldovan’s conscience during many centuries,” he stated.